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Frasca Food and Wine – Boulder, Colorado

For my most recent birthday, my parents took Andy and I to Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder.  A description of the Italian inspiration for Frasca, by Frasca (on their website):

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a sub-alpine region in northeast Italy. Friuli is a region steeped in tradition nestled at the foot of the Carnic and Julian Alps and bordered by Austria, Slovenia, and the Adriatic Sea, it is a region of immense cultural blending, geographical diversity, and idyllic beauty. It is a region steeped in tradition and rich in natural resources; a place where its people have a deep connection with the land and an intense understanding of the relationship between food and wine.

We had a darn good meal at Frasca while enjoying a chef’s tasting.  The food was light, unique, and full of flavor.  The wine list was incredible and it was clear that our server was well-versed in the menu and all things vino.  The service was impeccable. Any bottle of wine ordered is decanted at a station in the center of the restaurant.  Just a little different and kind of cool.  The picture above is of homemade chocolates and, obviously, a birthday wish.  Pretty unique and creative.

We were there on a Tuesday night and the place was packed.  Not a table leftover.  This made sense considering we had to make reservations three months in advance.  The food scene that has emerged in Boulder over the past 10 years is fascinating….and a little disappointing.  “Scene” being the operative word.  While Boulder has always been known for its $$$$, back in the 90’s you wouldn’t have known it.  Boulder had small town charm with glimmers of fancy if you looked hard enough.  Now it reminds me of a miniature Scottsdale. I don’t know if other people feel this way, but it’s what I am noticing.  Too bad.  I miss the subtle snobbery.


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