Product Review: Ben & Jerry’s Greek FroYo, Part Deux

This is the second installment to my original post concerning Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt.  Please note that I will not be discussing the nutritional value of this product (again).  Let’s be honest – it’s a frozen treat from Ben & Jerry’s – no one is losing weight or becoming some sort of nutritional crusader by eating this product (if I am missing something, please advise).

So, this time I tried Raspberry Fudge Chunk.  In a word: Yum.  This flavor offers all the refreshing qualities of a berry with all the sinful dessertyness of chocolate fudge.  It is so good.  I am slightly comforted that this choice is marginally healthier than ice cream, but in the end – I turned a blind eye to the label.  Quasi-free country and all…

About zinnrunner

I am a lawyer, long distance runner and a yogi. I created this blog to chronicle my marathon training. I never made it past 2 entries. I think a lot about writing when it comes to training. I am not sure why those thoughts never get to this blog. But, I do spend a lot of time writing about and photographing food. So, I will use this blog to share food and maybe, just maybe, my training gets a little airtime too!

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