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BoatHouse Cantina – Salida, Colorado

Salida is definitely one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. It’s an accessible small town with everything you’d expect a small town to have and more. Salida offers incredible views of the collegiate peaks while the Arkansas river runs along side the town offering ambiance and outdoor adventure. Oh, and did I mention that Monarch Ski Resort is just a one-half hour traffic-free drive away?

Another great thing about this town is the amazing food. For such a little place, Salida is home to several great restaurants. One such place is the BoatHouse Cantina. The BoatHouse sits right on the river. It has indoor and outdoor seating. The menu has an array of different foods, but the focus is southwestern. The food is fresh, locally grown, and organic. There is a real effort to maintain an environment-friendly business, as well.

The BoatHouse offers several types of Baja Style Tacos. My personal fave is the Baja Fish Taco. This taco contains blackened Mahi Mahi topped with slaw, citrus sour cream, and lime. These delicious tacos are served with homemade potato chips and fried green chilies. Yum!


Don’t forget the drinks! Who can resist an amazing margarita? Try the Silver Coin, El Tesoro silver Tequila, Patron Citron Liqueur, Lime juice (ask for extra), garnished with an orange wedge.


If nothing else, order the chips and salsa. The salsa is so fresh you’ll think it was made just for you.


Product Review: Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt

The secret is out: Ben & Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt has come to Denver. The Albertson’s near Andy only had one flavor, banana peanut butter.


This probably wasn’t the best flavor for test-driving, but it is what it is. The verdict: not bad, but not ground-breaking. If you love Greek yogurt like I do, you are also probably aware of its benefits such as high protein, low fat options, calcium, and natural probiotics. When looking at the label, I wasn’t seeing any of these benefits. I suppose the protein content is a tad higher than your average ice cream (2g) but, this product is high in calories (maybe 20 below other B and J ice cream) and the fat content isn’t far behind your favorite ice cream either. Let’s be honest – who was really expecting this product to be a tasty health revolution? That said, you can reach for this and feel a little less guilt (assuming you feel any at all) or just go for the real thing and know the difference is marginal.



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